Automation solutions for the insurance industry

From sales to underwriting to servicing to claims management and beyond, RPA and RPA + AI can improve insurance operations’ agility, speed in response time, and get customer-facing digital capabilities up and running faster.

Underwrite performance gains across your business with RPA and RPA + AI​

Perform email triage and indexing

Use robots with natural language processing (NLP) skills to:

  • Monitor and parse incoming emails ​
  • Classify, index, and prioritize
  • Identify intent and key content ​
  • Log data into the right systems and the right places and link to policies and claims​
  • Alert people to discrepancies or issues
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Extract info from unstructured data

Unstructured data is 80% of your incoming flow. So make it usable by letting robots enabled with UiPath Document Understanding:​

  • Ingest PDFs, handwritten docs, checkboxes, scans, images, and more​
  • Extract information at high speed and with high accuracy​
  • Bring data into your document management systems
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Speed customer service by pairing chatbots with robot

Let chatbots carry on conversations with customers while queuing robots to carry on data lookups, fraud checks, and eligibility confirmations in the background.

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Integrate internal, external, and legacy systems

UiPath Robots can understand screens and emulate how people click, point, and mouse through different processes. 

So you can use automation as the conduit between different internal and external systems—even legacy ones that don’t have APIs or modern interfaces.

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Give center agents digital assistants – Work with more customers and fewer screens

Let agents interact with callers while their personal robotic assistants interact with systems. ​

  • Search for client information across multiple systems during agent verification​
  • Bring this data into a single, simple interface that makes handling frequent inquiries like claims status or premium changes fast and easy​

Take time, errors and costs out of new business acquisition

Streamline new app intake and quote processing by letting robots:​

  • Gather and consolidate data from applications, emails, web submissions, and agency systems​
  • De-dupe and validate submissions​
  • Set up CRM opportunity and submit application​
  • Compile the quote and send it to agent/broker​

For a top 3 global broker:​

  • Quote cycle reduced from 40 minutes to 8 minutes​
  • Quote rates increased from 65% to 80+%​
  • Conversion grew by 15%

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