• Reducing Costs, Improving Efficiency or Adapting to the New Business Environment?

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping your industry achieve the new normal

Automation in your industry

UiPath‘s Robotic Process Automation is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history!

  • Mending the healthcare industry with RPA
  • Accelerating the manufacturing industry with RPA
  • RPA is the new standard for the telecom industry
  • Revolutionising the banking industry
  • RPA nurtures productivity in the CPG and retail industry

Fastest growing enterprise software company in history.

In 2018, UiPath has seen record-setting growth. Due to the accelerating adoption of RPA, a highly-engaged community, and key technology advancements, UiPath has more than quadrupled its customer-base and been named the leading RPA technology by Forrester Research and Everest Group.

Bytelogix are proud to be Silver Partners.

  • Digitise your processes

    Easily create automations in a visual editor across various software applications.

  • Manage and schedule

    Control, monitor, and analyse the performance of your virtual workforce.

  • Let them work

    Assist your robot in its process, or run it unattended from a virtual machine.

About Us

Bytelogix started its own software development division in December 2012.   This team develops bespoke software solutions for the telecommunications market but more importantly invests in internal product development and R&D.

Bytelogix prides itself on selecting the best of breed in telecommunications VAS technology and with it’s highly sought after technical resources, installs, customises and maintains these solutions for its operator clients in South Africa.

Bytelogix is privately owned.   It is Level Four, (100% B-BEE procurement recognition) with 30.1% Black Women Shareholding.

What others say about

Robotic Process Automation

“The UiPath platform has met NASA security requirements, worked well during implementation, and both technical and administrative people have been outstanding.”

Pamela J WolfeChief, Enterprise Services DivisionNASA

“ RPA with UiPath was not a cost play. It was more around quality, speed of doing business, compliance.   Really getting the benefits out of the workforce that we didn’t and couldn’t do before.”

Jairo QuirosVP, Global Shared ServicesEquifax