Robotic Process Automation (RPA) handles repetitive tasks that keep a business running, such as invoice filing, payroll and data management.



RPA is lightweight, flexible, and scalable.   It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and operate them as a human would.

Fastest growing enterprise software company in history.

UiPath has seen record-setting growth. Due to the accelerating adoption of RPA, a highly-engaged community, and key technology advancements, UiPath has more than quadrupled its customer-base and been named the leading RPA technology by Forrester Research and Everest Group.

Bytelogix are proud to be Silver Partners.

What others say about

Robotic Process Automation

“The UiPath platform has met NASA security requirements, worked well during implementation, and both technical and administrative people have been outstanding.”

Pamela J WolfeChief, Enterprise Services DivisionNASA

“ RPA with UiPath was not a cost play. It was more around quality, speed of doing business, compliance.   Really getting the benefits out of the workforce that we didn’t and couldn’t do before.”

Jairo QuirosVP, Global Shared ServicesEquifax