Bytelogix is privately owned.   It is Level Four, (100% B-BEE procurement recognition) with 30.1% Black Women Shareholding.

Bytelogix started its own software development division in December 2012.   This team develops bespoke software solutions for the telecommunications market but more importantly invests in internal product development and R&D.

Bytelogix prides itself on selecting the best of breed in telecommunications VAS technology and with it’s highly sought after technical resources, installs, customises and maintains these solutions for its operator clients in South Africa.

Tony Cunnington
Currently the Chief Technical Officer of Bytelogix, Tony has more than 40 years experience in the IT industry, his current focus is on our partnership with UiPath, a company that provides an RPA platform. Tony is involved in pre-sales and heads up our development and installation teams.

Beulah Fredericks
Currently the executive director of the Community Development Foundation Western Cape (CDF W Cape), a position held since 2003, Beulah Fredericks was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Beulah’s interest and passion to work towards changing attitudes; embracing hope and striving for a ‘poverty free’ society, specifically involving women, youth and children in marginalized communities, led her to be active in the development sector for more than 35 years.