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Regardless of its task, a robot’s essential job is to make the company vision come true. In our approach to automation, we think of RPA as a long-range capability meant to empower organizations to evolve strategically and increase business value.

To achieve this goal, we advise our customers and assist them towards developing as part of their Robotic Process Automation journey an internal, self-sustaining and scalable RPA expertise to run and maintain robots. A Center of Excellence (CoE) is essentially the way to embed RPA deeply and effectively into the organisation and to redistribute accumulated knowledge and resources across future deployments.

The UiPath Platform components work together seamlessly to deliver unmatched, innovative, end-to-end solutions that give you a competitive edge in performance, cost, and user experience.

Meet the UiPath Platform

Three robust components power the UiPath platform


Bytelogix Awareness Engine

The Bytelogix Awareness Engine is a location-based, targeted advertising solution for mobile phones. The Awareness Engine proactively matches mobile subscribers to the most relevant advertising campaigns, based on location, time, profile and preferences.

Bytelogix Cloudbrowsing Toolbar

The concept of the Bytelogix Cloudbrowsing toolbar is to give Mobile Broadband users a more interactive way of interacting with the network operator and being made aware of information usually sent via the SMS channel.

X field unit

A hardware unit for tracking and reporting of high-value goods in transit, the XFU makes use of only vanilla GSM services to provide location information; all uplink data was via SMS. Convoys and assets in transit are monitored from a central control-room via a MAP-based GUI.


A hardware unit aimed at the mass market, Elmer is a stand-alone device that acts as a security camera, sending video clips to the owner’s handset when movement is detected.  Elmer features dual day and night (IR) cameras, and works with MMS-capable handsets; smartphones are not necessary.

Airtime Alerts

The Airtime Alerts product detects when a subscriber reaches a low airtime balance.  It then proceeds to find the nearest airtime outlet from where the subscriber is currently located.  With this information to hand, it then sends the subscriber a notification of the low balance, with a recommendation of where to purchase more airtime. Airtime alerts includes a web-based front-end for self-provisioning of airtime resellers.

Enhanced emergency services

The EES product provides a value-add service to subscribers: if an emergency number is dialled, the EES system will send a short message to each of the subscriber’s family members, notifying them with a personalised message, of the subscriber’s current location.  Subscribers update their details via the web or USSD.

Personal call assistant

The personal call assistant is a product that provides subscribers with control over who can call or SMS them, and at what times.  It’s like having a personal secretary to screen your calls.

Notification gateway

With the rise of tablet devices (IOS, Android, Kindle), the traditional use of SMSs to notify subscribers of their airtime, data-bundle usage, contract expiry, etc. is no longer so simple. Many tablets cannot receive SMSs, and many subscribers would prefer to get their notifications either via email, or to their normal handset via SMS, or both.