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Reallocate time to high-value work with legal automation.

Use automation to let the robots take on things like paperwork, database lookups, and legal research, so your legal teams can focus on mastering their matters and providing the best legal advice and advocacy possible.

Refocus on the matters that matter most

Data Protection Compliance

Automate response to queries about personal data.

  • Access and aggregate data and prepare a report detailing all personal information held on an individual​

  • Support self-service management of one’s personal data

Trademark Clearance

Run name searches globally

  • Look up keywords on clearance websites

  • Gather and classify results

  • Create and store aggregated reports for human review​​

Contract Management

Automate document retrieval.

  • Extract key contract-related documents  from the cloud

  • Archive documents in an internal repository to support contract audits, confirm signatory powers, and more

Export Control

make checking for snctioned parties faster and more accuratly.

  • Automatically download sanctions lists from multiple sources daily​

  • Check user-submitted names against the lists and report back within minutes​

Regulatory Change Monitoring

Keep on top of regulation issues.

  • Monitor key regulatory issues

  • Trace changes in public debate from initial submission to ratification and legal enforcement

Supplier, partner and customer due diligence.

Automate company searches.

  • Search public databases for information related to a company’s good standing—financially and legally​

  • Pull information, save documentation, and create specific reports on demand

Bring automation into legal operations ​quickly, securely, and non-disruptively​

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The organizational and technical controls and tools integrated into our platform ensure your digital workforce remains as secure and compliant as your human one.

Get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, and Veracode Verified™.

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